Lim Yee Chen


A Singaporean equipped with skills in Golang, C/C++, MySQL, DevOps, Linux. Exposure to full-stack experience from frontend to deployment empowers my capabilities in designing and developing efficient and scalable backend systems.




Team Lead

Jun 2023 - Present

  • Manage a team of developers
  • Manage project requirements and plan delivery of features
  • Translate ideas from Product Managers into deliverables of developers

    Senior Software Developer (Tech Lead)

    Aug 2021 - May 2023

    • Lead & mentor a team of backend developers on the Search project.
    • Responsible for delivery of product and technical features.
    • Design solutions to scale non-clustered Elasticsearch.
    • Architect & led the development on re-balancing data between nodes without downtime.
    • Implement application high availability using k8s leader election & pod labeling.
    • Actively participate in code reviews & provide meaningful feedbacks.
    • Manage project release processes and handle production incidents.

      Senior Software Developer

      Jan 2019 - Jul 2021

      • Overhaul a stateful Golang application into a stateless scalable Golang application in k8s.
      • Architect, develop, maintain, review backend applications managing millions of indexes using Golang.
      • Write design documents & develop highly scalable microservices with RESTful API.
      • Write complex SQL queries for Percona Cluster with Multi-Master replication.
      • Create a docker setup for Search stack that can be deploy in both local & Jenkins CI.
      • Setup and maintain CI pipelines for autotest on Jenkins.
      • Manage & maintain deployment with Ansible, Kubernetes and Helm chart.
      • Support moving of components from Virtuozzo containers to k8s.
      • Golang
      • MySQL
      • Ansible
      • Kubernetes
      • Docker
      • Python
      • Jenkins
      • RAML

      Koei Tecmo Singapore


      Game Programmer (Team Lead)

      Mar 2018 - Dec 2018

      • Led the Infrastructure & Services Team (Server Team).
      • Manage and mentor a team of programmers on a variety of tasks.
      • Empower the team to be capable in assisting other teams in tackling complex issues.

        Game Programmer

        Jul 2014 - Feb 2018

        • Work in the Infrastructure & Services Team.
        • Serve as resident expert in technical & programming solutions.
        • Develop, setup, maintain and support game project codes, scripts & APIs.
        • Introduce and apply DevOps practices to streamline workflow for game projects.
        • Provision and maintain servers & infrastructure with virtualization, Dockers, Linux
        • Lead & drive the development of various internal system such as inventory system (PHP, MySQL), internal home portal (Node.js, React.js), secure SSH access system (Golang) etc.
        • Revolutionize internal communication by introducing chat system
        • Wrote an internal Mattermost chat bot (Golang) to increase productivity of every team.
        • Introduce, setup & configure Prometheus monitoring with Grafana.
        • Setup Jenkins build job and wrote bash scripts for automated task execution.
        • Evangelize and lead the usage of Docker in servers and development workflow.
        • Analyze logs and data collected to optimize and identify bottlenecks.
        • Integrated various API and SDK (e.g. Facebook, Google Sign-In etc) for iOS and web app.
        • Localize, improve & maintain scripts and workflow for porting of games to Global versions.
        • Golang
        • PHP
        • MySQL
        • C++
        • Node.js
        • Docker
        • Linux
        • Bash


        B.S. in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

        DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

        Sep 2011 - Apr 2014

        Minor in Mathematics

        Diploma in Business Informatics

        Nanyang Polytechnic

        Apr 2006 - Apr 2009

        Distinction in 3 projects. Represented the school in Java Jive Regional Challenge 2008 and won the ‘Participation Age Award’.


        Systems and methods for improving indexer performance by multiplexing data of an underlying index


        Issued 20 May 2021

        photo of me


          • Primary
          • Golang
          • MySQL
          • Node.js
          • JavaScript
          • Shell Scripting
          • C/C++
          • HTML5
          • CSS
          • PHP
          • Python
          • Docker
          • Kubernetes
          • Jenkins
          • Ansible
          • Gitlab CI
          • Linux
            SCM Tools
          • Git
          • Subversion(SVN)
          • Github
          • Gitlab
          • Bitbucket
          • Jira
          • DigitalOcean
          • AWS
          • Cloudflare
          • Apache Server
          • Nginx
          • Prometheus
          • Hugo
          • WordPress
          • Web hosting
          • Java
          • ASP.NET
          • React
          • Xcode
          • Objective-C
          • Android Studio
          • Java for Android


        • English
        • Chinese (Mandarin)


        • Participation Age Award for JavaJive Challenge 2008


        • Coding
        • Travel
        • Gaming
        • Hiking
        • Workout